Rapid Circuit

We are manufacturing a PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD.  

A Printed Circuit Board is a means of interconnecting components mechanically and electrically. The printed circuit “board” is a rigid or flexible structure on which components are mounted. These components are mounted through holes in the board and are held in place with solder. 

Circuit configurations and layout design accomplish electrical connections among the various components. 

PCB film has a layout design printed on it. 

This film layout is printed and etched on the boards. These boards have holes with conductive plating inside them that carries the current from one side of the board to the other. This process is for PTH Board

Rigid printed circuit boards are the most common type used in the industry. The base material for rigid printed circuit boards is called laminate and is composed of layers of paper/fibreglass cloth bonded together with various resins.

The printed circuit board manufacturer will process this laminate according to the specifications of the buyer’s documentation. The result is a custom-made printed circuit board.



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Why Rapid Circuit ?


Customer Data confidentiality.

We ensure “ on-time delivery ” of our products.

We adhere to international norms of quality.

We offer products at very competitive prices.

We have in-house facilities for design, prototyping, manufacturing and quality testing.

We give consultations on design and production-related issues.

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