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PCB Layout Design

Rapid Circuit is a service provider for PCB Layout Design in Rajkot, India. Rapid circuit has proven to deliver quality Layout design services to customers worldwide.


-> Make schematic as per supplied data.

-> create components symbol for schematic.

-> Add components from the BOM list.



-> Make Outline as per customer requirements of any shapes with dimensions.

-> Put mounting hole as per customer requirement.

-> creation of inside cut out as per customer requirement.

-> Make slot drill as per customer requirement.

-> Make drill drawing.

-> Make customer-specific array/penalization.

-> Design single-ended /differential impedance trace layout.

-> Gerber 274X, Excellon format output design.

-> Creating fabrication drawing Gerber/pdf.

-> Generate bill of material.

-> Stack up creation of multilayers.

-> Stencil layers for SMD assembly.


We need the following data for quotation:


-> Schematic file or Schematic picture.

-> Size of PCB, a drawing is preferred for complex board outline (photo or DXF)

-> Position of Mounting holes and hole diameters.

-> component positions and location if required, trace and copper-free areas (if needed), etc.

-> Design parameters (Trace width, clearance, minimum via size, minimum annular ring size, etc.)

-> Number of layers (fixed or preferred).

-> Component Datasheets or drawings for non-standard components.


Our Printed Circuit Board Designs are Quick in time. Our Printed Circuit Board Designs are unique PCB Designs.


For any inquiry, drop an email to [email protected]

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