Single Layer PCB


XPC PCBs: Affordable Solutions for Simple Electronics at Rapid Circuit

At Rapid Circuit, we specialize in providing a variety of PCB solutions to meet your project’s needs. XPC PCBs, constructed using a paper phenolic material, offer a cost-effective option for projects requiring basic functionality.

XPC PCBs: Ideal for Budget-Friendly Applications
Cost-Effective Choice: XPC is the most affordable PCB material. This makes it perfect for projects with tight budgets, high volume production runs, or where cost is a primary concern.

Faster Prototyping: The simple design of XPC PCBs allows for quicker turnaround times compared to multi-layer PCBs. This is ideal for rapid prototyping, enabling you to test and refine your circuit design efficiently.

Suitable for Simple Electronics: XPC PCBs excel in applications where basic electrical connectivity is required. They are commonly used in:

  1. Consumer electronics
  2. Remote controls
  3. Calculators
  4. Toys
  5. Smoke detectors
  6. Basic LED lighting circuits

XPC vs. FR-4: Choosing the Right Material

While XPC offers affordability, it’s important to consider its limitations compared to FR-4, another popular PCB material. FR-4 boasts:

Enhanced Durability: FR-4 is a sturdier material with superior moisture resistance, making it ideal for applications in harsh environments.

Improved Electrical Performance: FR-4 delivers better electrical performance with lower dielectric loss, crucial for high-frequency circuits.

If your project prioritizes long-term use or high-performance electronics, FR-4 might be a better choice. However, for cost-sensitive projects with basic electrical needs, XPC PCBs from Rapid Circuit provide an excellent solution.

Rapid Circuit: Your Trusted XPC PCB Manufacturer

  • High-Quality Manufacturing: We utilize advanced technology and top-tier materials to ensure your XPC PCBs are reliable and meet your specifications.
  • Fast Turnaround and Support: Benefit from rapid turnaround times and exceptional customer service from our dedicated team.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing on all our XPC PCB options.
  • Design Assistance: Our experienced engineers are available to assist you with your XPC PCB design and manufacturing process.

Ready to leverage the affordability and simplicity of XPC PCBs for your next project? Contact Rapid Circuit today for a free quote!

XPC is a paper phenolic-based board widely used for low-quality single-layer cheap quality PCB. It is mainly used in toy PCBs.

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