Gerber RS274D to RS274X Artwork conversion

Leading PCB Manufacturer in IndiaGerber RS274D to RS274X Artwork conversion

RS-274-D, often simply referred to as Gerber-D, is an older version of the Gerber format used for describing printed circuit board (PCB) designs. It was the predominant format used in PCB manufacturing before the adoption of the more modern RS-274X format.

In RS-274-D format, PCB design data is represented in a set of ASCII files that describe different layers and features of the PCB design. These files typically include:

Gerber RS-274-D format includes basic information necessary for PCB manufacturing, such as:

  1. Aperture Definitions: Defines the shapes, sizes and angles of apertures used for drawing features like pads, traces, and cutouts.
  2. X/Y Coordinates: Specifies the location of each feature on the PCB, typically in a vector-based format.
  3. Layer Information: Differentiates between layers such as copper layers, solder masks, silkscreen, etc.
  4. Drill Data: Specifies the locations and sizes of holes drilled into the PCB.

While RS-274-D served its purpose well in the past, it has limitations compared to the RS-274X format, such as a lack of support for certain features and less flexibility. Most modern PCB design and manufacturing processes now use the RS-274X format.

Converting from RS-274-D to RS-274X may be necessary to take advantage of these advancements and ensure compatibility with current PCB manufacturing processes.

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