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PCB CAM Front End Support And Engineering Services

Rapid Circuit is a  PCB CAM Front end Support and engineering services provider company in Rajkot, India. Rapid circuit has proven to deliver quality front-end engineering services to the PCB industry worldwide.

We provide offshore CAD/CAM design, Front-end engineering solutions, CAM Tooling services to our clients worldwide.

We provide a tailor-made CAM service to suit your unique set of Processes and requirements.

We believe in Secure data and privacy.

We can access your internal system environment for cam work or our own.

Customer-focused as well as cost-efficient.

In-house Updated Checklist for CAM & QC.

Flexible to work as per deadline.

Quick turnaround service within 24hrs

Overnight service, time zone advantages

Cost-effective & efficient

We provide services for single layer, double layer and high layer count (i.e. multilayer), including blind & buried via an Impedance control coupon along with unlimited Gerber editing capacity.

Data Inputs:

-> We accept input data in the form of Gerber 274x, Gerber D, DXF, NC drill, ODB++ etc.

Gerber Clean up:

-> Drill selection from stock drill list ( As per fabricator’s list),

-> Outline creation & check against the fab drawing.

-> Making pads ( drawn to pad), Surfaces ( contour).

-> Defining SMD pads and attributes set.

-> Line unification.

-> Pad Registration.

-> Redundant Line and pad Removal.

-> Drill report for any touching holes, duplicate holes and close holes.

-> NFP ( non functional pads) removal in inner layers.

DRC ( Design rule check):

-> Copper:  Checking inner copper and outer copper layers against DFM (design for manufacturing) Capabilities and Fix violations.

We check Copper to copper spacing, Drill to copper spacing, Copper pad annular ring etc.

Flag any issues found in Design that affects DFM.

-> Mask: Checking solder mask layer on both sides against DFM Capabilities and Fix violations.

We check Coverage, SMD pad dams, rings etc.

-> Silk: we check both side silk layers against DFM Capabilities.

We fix minimum line width, text heights etc.

Save text from clipping against mask clearance.

-> Placing manufacturer logo and date codes as per fab.

-> we add teardrop (snowman).

-> We check any specific customer check.

-> We check the netlist with original data.

-> we compare layers with original layers.

-> we do etch compensation and etch analysis.

PCB Arrays:

-> Creating an array of PCBs as per standard guidelines.

-> Creating array as per Customer fabrication array Drawing and notes.

-> We also make an array of different PCBs ( Multiple PCBs) in an array or multipart in an array.

-> Placing tooling holes and Fiducials of required sizes and at required locations as per drawing or standard array.

-> Creating V-groove ( score ), Jump score as per requirements.

-> Creating Break away tabs and holes ( mouse byte holes) as per standard or requirement and checking hole to copper DRC.

-> Create rout for Board or multiple boards with tab rout.

-> Placing copper thievings.

-> Placing coupons in rail.

-> Placing marking for bad panel or Good panel in rails.

Fabrication Panel:

-> Creating panel as per requirements.

-> Placing coupons.

-> Metal board editing.

-> Hard gold editing.

-> Copper balancing


-> Creating Gerbers for all coppers, masks and Silkscreen layers.

-> Creating NC drill file for CNC holes.

Flex PCB cam Support:

Special edits:

-> placing flex parts in panel smartly to add maximum flex PCB parts.

-> placing tooling holes and fiducials for each part.

-> creating coverlay program.

-> Creating laser-cut program for flex part depanelize.


-> We recheck all the edits done with the points in our QC list.

Customer approval:

-> Creating Drill map and drill details.

-> creating pdf files for all Gerbers for customer approval.

-> flag all issues/mismatches in data for customer approval.


For any inquiry, drop an e-mail to   [email protected]

PCB CAM Front End Solutions
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