PCB Cloning  FAQs:

There are frequently asked questions about PCB cloning. PCB Cloning FAQs list.



 (1) Is it possible to clone Multilayer PCBs

No, single-sided and double-sided PCBs only.


(2) I want a schematic and layout of PCB. Is this possible?

We cannot supply you schematic. We can only provide you Gerbers and Nc drill files. No source file.


(3) I have a PCB that I want to get a clone. How should we proceed?

Share your PCB photo from both sides to the email address  [email protected] or by WhatsApp chat.
We will share the quotation along with the completion time.


(4) My PCB has SMDs and thru-hole components. Is it possible to clone?

Yes, Possible to clone.


(5) Do I need to supply you PCB sample for cloning?

Yes, We need a PCB physical sample while cloning. PCB sample must be blank ( i.e. without components solder on PCB)


(6) I am unable to supply you PCB sample. Is it possible?

You can scan the PCB image (recommended 1200dpi) and send it to us. PCB must be without components.

Share the PCB size along with the PCB image. It is not possible to clone complicated PCBs without a sample.


(7) Can you supply BOM?

No, we don’t supply BOM. You have to arrange the components list.


(8) Can you supply a PCB sample after cloning and approval?

Yes, we can supply you PCB prototype sample for testing. You can order at a rapid circuit. Minimum Order Quantity is one.

We don’t do the assembly. So sample will be without components. You have to do assembly work.


(9) Will you supply a solder paste file for the stencil?

Yes, we do.


(10) I have PCB with only thru-holes. Is it is possible to clone without disordering of components?

Yes, possible if components are only on one side. ( single layer PCB )


Let us know if you have any other questions.  more about PCB copy and reverse engineering.