We at rapid circuit accepts Quotation and Order inquiry from customer data.

(1) If Gerber data exists :

 send Gerber data to [email protected] along with details required such as PCB or panel quantity, PCB material, Solder Mask colour, Silkscreen Colour, number of layers, copper finish, PCB Array and  Panel drawing details etc. We will update you at the earliest.

(2) PCB design format other than Gerber :

Rapid circuit accepts most of the formats such as .pdf, .ps ( postscript ), .ai ( adobe illustrator), .jpg , .png, .cdr ( corelDRAW ), .dxf, .dwg( autoCAD ) and many more for pcb manufacturing. More details about PCB File Conversion And Gerber Editing are available here.

Send your available data to [email protected]along with PCB dimensions and units. We will update you at the earliest.

(3) PCB Design and Layout :

Send PCB Schematic and BOM ( bill of material ) to [email protected] along with the following details.

(i) PCB Dimensions ( size of PCB)

(ii) Position of Mounting holes and hole diameters

(iii) component positions and location if required, trace and copper-free areas (if needed)

(iv) Design parameters (Trace width, clearance, minimum via size, minimum annular ring size, etc.)

(v) Number of layers (fixed or preferred), 

(vi) Datasheets for non-standard components only.

More details about PCB Design and Layout PCB Design and Layout

We will update you at the earliest.

(4) PCB Copy and PCB Reverse engineering :

Send physical PCB sample clear image from both sides to [email protected] along with PCB Dimensions ( PCB size ), Number of Layers and any other required detail. We will update you at the earliest.—more details about PCB Copy and PCB Reverse engineering.

Read more about   PCB Copy and PCB Reverse engineering FAQs.