AutoCAD TO Gerber file conversion at Rapid Circuit

Rapid Circuit is a PCB service bureau: PCB (printed circuit board) to Gerber data conversion, DXF to Gerber, PDF to Gerber, Adobe PDF to Gerber, PDF Print to Gerber, PDF Drawing to Gerber, PDF Gerber Conversion, and PCB PDF to Gerber 274x data. Rapid Circuit accepts AutoCAD File for PCB fabrications and Gerber creation and provides AutoCAD TO Gerber file conversion service.

 We have the capability of converting a variety of data formats, including:

 AutoCAD to Gerber File Conversion

    • AutoCAD DXF to Gerber 
    • AutoCAD DWG to Gerber
    • AutoCAD to Gerber Data
    • AutoCAD EPS/PS Postscript to Gerber
    • AutoCAD  PCB Logo to Gerber Conversion
    • AutoCAD DWG to Gerber
    • AutoCAD HPGL to Gerber
    • AutoCAD Gerber to AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD Gerber 274X Conversion
    • AutoCAD  to Mentor PADS
    • AutoCAD Gerber to Orcad
    • AutoCAD Gerber to Altium
    • AutoCAD PDF to Gerber
    • AutoCAD Gerber Translation
    •  Call for other formats – Or –   more details


What are the benefits of DXF to Gerber conversion?

  • Easy to fabricate PCB from Gerber than DXF.
  • Easy to drill on PCB from CNC drill file( NC drill file).
  • Easy to edit Gerbers for a manufacturer to pass DFM (Design for Manufacturing).
  • Accessible to panelize data.
  • Easy to make a CNC routing file.